Senior Film Reel

A reel of shots I worked on for other senior films while I was at SCAD. Films included are Muir by Chandler Ellison, The Boy and the Bruja by Abigail Davies, Dust the Two of Us by Samantha Duckworth and Bear It by Corrie Young


Using a clip from "Inception," I created a scene of a coach giving her little league baseball team an inspiring message.

Launch Design

Two engineers look on as their rocket falls to pieces in the air

Meat Tornado

Dialogue from "Parks and Recreation"


My first film project (completed in 10 weeks)

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Ballet Reference Study

Using reference from this performance (, I focused on studying body mechanics in 3D animation

Go Home

A threat on the playground

Rooftop Run

Part of 2D/3D collaborative escape sequence, "The Heist"

Red Riding Hood Walkcycle

Part of development for Red Riding Hood

Action Analysis 2 Reel

A selection of work from my Action Analysis 2 class with Troy Gustafson at SCAD.

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